To become an elite player takes a rare focus with clarity of direction few can achieve.

I’m often reminded of my younger years how I wished I could run faster or be that “little bit quicker” – Truth is, and I got this early in life, I’d never be a track star, I’d never have the speed some have… But as an athlete what I could do is work smart.

Ask yourself this simple question; whats most important, speed, accuracy or movement?

We all want to throw the ball 70 mph and faster, truth is, not all of us will ever be able to reach speeds required to play at the elite levels.
Certain areas of what we do as athletes limit us because of our innate abilities. Sure we can lift weights, work our muscles however way we wish. Yes we will become stronger and faster but, we may never reach speeds our fellow competitors are capable of with ease. So The answer is simple if your willing to work.

Having pitched men’s slow pitch tournament travel along with coaching softball, men, women, co`ed, girls fast-pitch, High School fast-pitch, travel & rec fast-pitch.  Since 2003 private fast-pitch pitching instructor, totaling over 40 plus years deeply involved in softball as a player and coach

2016 College Coach A college experience

My bride of 37 years and I were blessed raising 2 daughters that went on to play college softball.

As I’m building this site – Over time I will share my experiences letting you know how I’m developing into the pitching instructor I am.

There are many people over the years I have to thank for their time & guidance.

One such coach said-

to coach means to teach. To teach is to learn. To share is to mentor.

Many of our students have gone onto play college softball D1,2,3, NAIA and JC. We’re all proud of their accomplishments!