Dedicated one-on-one lesson plans designed to expand the pitching abilities of the student-athlete, with a key emphasis on performance sustainability.

Beginner Students:
Your work with Dave will begin with a sharp focus on the principal mechanics of The Power Whip.

Intermediate Students:
Here Dave will begin to introduce various pitches. You’ll begin to learn how to maximize your new power and control. You’ll also begin to learn the mental aspects of the pitching game.

Advanced Students:
It’s time to perfect those pitches and develop a matured sense and understanding of pitching strategy. Here, Dave will continue to reinforce the fundamentals of The Power Whip with an emphasis on the cause and effect of your power generation. In this course you will advance with the understanding and awareness that can be applied from your abilities wherever your pitching takes you.

Q: Will this be fun?
A: Yes! Dave keeps lessons brief and to the point.

Q: Can a course with Dave serve as a pseudo-practice session?
A: No. Dave’s teachings are progressive in nature. His top priorities are repairing poor fundamentals and graduating his students to the Advanced levels.


Greet & Meet-  1st time (Potential) new students 50-minutes- $85

College coaches/pitchers, please contact Dave for full day lesson scheduling and pricing.

College/Video lesson program available.

Pickup at local San Jose airport with hotel accommodations available upon request.

Your privacy is always practiced.

Please email Dave directly – dave*at*

Cancellation Policy:
Dave asks that you please call him at least 24 hours ahead of a scheduled lesson if you need to cancel.